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Dependable Care DRPS is a trusted name throughout Australia in providing personal care disability services to NDIS participants. Our experience and capable team ensure we can provide quality care and support 24/7. Also, see Dependable Care Accommodation and Wellbeing Centres for supported accommodation.

Founded by Joanne Tomada, Dependable Care DRPS is a professional Registered NDIS Service Provider, TAC and Work Cover Provider in Brisbane, Melbourne and Tasmania. Joanne has been working within disability care for over 40 years, Joanne has seen the changes from an institution level to supported housing and now to the independent living and supports such as the NDIS. Joanne started Dependable Care DRPS as she consistently would see the people she was caring for not getting choices and being taken advantage of. After receiving a variety of excuses Joanne decided to start DRPS with the vision of providing people the ability to have informed choices and to have the ability to choose how their services are provided. Over the past five years DRPS has shown this time and time again by assisting many people in accessing supports that they have never heard of, by assisting people who are homeless into accommodation and providing well rounded supports to people who had previously completely lost faith in support services.

When you’re joining DRPS you’re joining an organisation who has more than 70 years of experience in disability and can reach outcomes from a practical level.  

We provide a full care team approach to all services with qualified registered nurses, behaviour support practitioners and support workers, we ensure that all base’s are covered and you can feel confident with the care you’re being provided. Dependable Care DRPS specialise in caring for people that are disadvantaged, homeless, that have a disability, in need of accommodation.

Dependable Care DRPS offer a wide range of support services, provided by qualified and trained staff professionals. We work with you and your care team to be able provide a person-centred approach, we take a lot of time and care with every person that utilises DRPS support in any capacity. We ensure that you as the participant are the one driving your care and support. At DRPS we’re a big advocate for independence, choice and control and living life on your terms.

DRPS stands for Delivering Remarkable Participant’s Services and that’s exactly what we deliver – care you can depend on with dignity and respect being at the forefront of our services

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Joanne Tomada


Aaron Tomada

General Manager

Jodie Simpson

QLD State Manager

Michelle Green

Behaviour Support Lead

Sala Moemai

VIC State Manager

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Dependable Care DRPS = Delivering Remarkable Participant Services