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We provide a range of different activities that are designed to encourage social and community involvement.
These services help eliminate a feeling of social isolation and loneliness and instead promote independence and inclusion.

Life Skills Program

Life Skills aims to develop the participant’s daily living skills and independence. This program aims to develop skills in public transport, managing money, primary computer and organisational skills.

Wonderful Womens Group

It is about assisting women to feel strong, empowered and supported. This support group covers topics such as women’s health, body positivity, maintaining boundaries and developing confidence through inner strength.

Brain Games Group

Brain Games is about keeping participants’ minds actively engaged and focused. This group plays games and solves challenges and puzzles in a friendly, social atmosphere.

Healthy Lifestyles Program

This program covers healthy eating, nutrition, food preparation, kitchen safety, hygiene and basic cooking skills. We are encouraging a healthier food-balanced lifestyle.

Creativity Program

Exploring Creativity is a fun and friendly program and environment to explore artistic expression and creativity. This popular program promotes self-expression, psycho-social well-being and creativity through various art and craft activities.

Happy Mind Groups Program

Happy Minds aims to assist in improving and maintaining emotional well-being. This group program aims to develop coping and relaxation skills, increase social interaction and communication skills and understand basic emotions.

Fit and Fantastic Group

Fit and Fantastic meet regularly to work out and stay actively fit. This fitness group go for walks along the creek bikeway, play games in the park and develop gym exercise routines for muscle strengthening and how to use essential gym equipment for workouts.

Exercises – stretching, walking, exercise bike, weight training, gentle exercising, dancing, learning about nutrition.

The Red Shed is an excellent platform for social interaction with others that have similar interests. Activities within the Red Shed consist of cooking, painting, puzzles, playing board games, pool tournaments or watching a movie on the big screen on stream TV. We have a variety of activities and community groups that encourages social engagement, wellbeing and skill development, as well as personal enjoyment and encouragement to all who attend. The Red Shed’s current programs include:

Mindfulness program

Mindfulness and Memory – mindfulness techniques, guided meditations, and activities to promote brain function and memory, such as scrabble, quizzes, and hand-eye coordination.

Exploring Creativity Program

Arts and Crafts – Knitting, Pom-pom Making, Drawing, Painting, Murals, Card Making. 


Games Board Games, Bingo, Card Games, Scrabble, Pictionary, Darts, Pool (Billiards), Air Hockey, Ping Pong, and Ball Games.

Life Skills Program

Personal Hygiene – hair care and pamper days Cooking: meal preparation, nutrition, cooking skills, food hygiene skills. Gardening: growing plants and learning about plant care.

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