Behaviour Support

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Behaviour Support

Our practitioner, Michelle, brings with her over sixteen years of experience working across the Community & Disability sector and Five years of experience across the NDIS sector. Her experience and knowledge cover working with people who have experienced.

  • Complex mental ill health, trauma.
  • Addiction
  • Disability
  • Homelessness
  • Prisoner re-integration and mental health recovery.
  • CALD re-settlement
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait social and emotional well-being (healing practices)

Assessed under the current suitability framework as Proficient, Michelle also brings a unique lived experience lens via her past work as a professional Lived Experience consultant for the Australian Red Cross and QMHHS.

Dependable Care is committed to continuing to provide a passionate service that is an dynamic, trauma-informed and creative support service for adults. Hence, they can make a positive change and fulfilling lives.

We take pride and confidence in being a small specialist behaviour support service, as this allows us to provide a unique, personalised, and collaborative support approach with all our participants and their carers.

Our dual focus is face-to-face service and supporting the supports.

Behavioural intervention is a therapy that helps people with disabilities learn new skills and behaviours and reduce problematic behaviours. It works by understanding why an individual engages in inappropriate, challenging, or unsafe behaviour. By understanding the challenges, we can work together to find positive solutions. 



Counselling can provide support to people with disabilities, as well as their partners, family and carers. Living with a disability can be a long mental and physical journey. It can be just as challenging for those who live with or care for a disabled person. Friends and family may, too, find it difficult to come to terms with the condition and adapt to a lifestyle that involves new challenges.

You may find disability counselling beneficial if you are suddenly classed as disabled due to an accident. Similarly, counselling can provide mental health support for people with severe health conditions such as cancer, Huntington’s,  and MS.

For people with low levels of social support or those experiencing hardship, these experiences can be linked to mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety. Counselling can help address these issues and help you cope better with the disability and adapt to the changes it brings. Disability counselling provides a safe and supportive space to discuss your concerns and fears. A trusted professional will help you explore ways to make these more manageable.

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